The Ideal Fighting Game Player

I’m sure at one point or another on your fighting game journey, you’ve thought to yourself: how do I become competent or when will I start winning? Though those two issues are separate, they are interchangeable. Mastering a fighting game is like mastering an art. Just like everything else, you have to have certain qualities as a player. Let’s take a look what makes the “ideal” fighting game player.


Daigo “The Beast” Umehara

Surely by now, if you’ve kept with the fighting game community (FGC), or have dabbled in the genre for a little bit, you’ve heard about Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, who has won many majors in the past and is famous for the EVO 2004 comeback against Justin Wong in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. So what makes him unique?

Anthony “Kaji” Lanuzo, a senior in English education at CSULB, says most big names like Umehara, Wong, Alex Valle and Christopher “ChrisG” Gonzalez are people who exhibit solid fundamentals and the ability to adapt to their situations during matches.

“Justin and Chris are able to win tournaments not just in one game,” Lanuzo said. “They are able to place top 8, if not win in multiple different kinds of tournaments.”


Christopher “YYD” Plummer, CSULB alumni

Another great quality a top fighting game player would exhibit with the ability to adapt is execution. Christopher Plummer, CSULB alumni in English and film, states that along with good decision making skills, execution plays a huge role in adaptation.

“The best professional players show good decision making,” Plummer said. “You can make good decisions, but if you aren’t able to close it out with that certain amount of moves to put yourself in the lead or to win, then it doesn’t mean much.”

Last but not least, perseverance, electrical engineering at LBCC and CSULB eSports webmaster Chris “ScaryYandere” Yun said.

“Every fighting gamer, no matter how confident they can be, understands that there is always the possibility of losing against anyone,” Yun said. “To better their odds, players practice basic to extremely advanced mechanics of the fighting game they play. If anything, there is always room for greater improvement even after countless hours of practice.”

“The most ideal fighting game player in my opinion would probably be Daigo Umehara, the legend, the ‘Beast’,” Yun said. “He carries a serious face, yet underneath that, he is ferocious. As one of the best Street Fighter 4 players, he’s the ideal choice.”


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