The Ideal Fighting Game Player

I’m sure at one point or another on your fighting game journey, you’ve thought to yourself: how do I become competent or when will I start winning? Though those two issues are separate, they are interchangeable. Mastering a fighting game is like mastering an art. Just like everything else, you have to have certain qualities as a player. Let’s take a look what makes the “ideal” fighting game player.


Daigo “The Beast” Umehara

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Preparing for Tournaments

If you’re a competitive person and feel like you just want to take your game higher to the next level, have you ever stopped to consider entering a tournament, local or major, to see how far you’ll get? I remember my first local tournament at my local arcade that I entered for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 back in late 2011 and my first major tournament at Evolution Championship Series (EVO) 2012 for Soul Calibur V. Obviously I did horrible my first time and to this day, I still do horrible. So to no avail, let’s look at tips for entering tournaments.


Evolution Championship Series (EVO), is the biggest annual fighting game tournament.

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Please Select Your Character!!

One of the biggest aspects of fighting games is choosing a character. He, she or it will be your means as a tool in learning how to assess different situations ranging from play style, match-up knowledge and much much more. Essentially, you’re controlling that character through a rigorous set of motions not limited to button presses and motions, but also executing attacks and combos as well as movement. For now, we’ll just go over as to why people choose the character(s) they choose and certain intricacies regarding character selection.


An example character select screen from ATLUS’ Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

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The Ability to Overcome Execution

Now that we’ve talked about certain aspects as to why people play fighting games, whether it be for socialization, entertainment or developing skills that could be applied to real life, let’s look at some of the barriers players face.

Again, we’re going to use Miller’s article as a reference to one of the hardest things that a newcomer or even a professional player sometimes faces today: execution. Execution is the ability to implement a character’s moves through a series of inputs on a controller. As Miller says in his article, there are two main aspects when it comes to execution: the what and the how, Understanding both is crucial in your game plan to winning.

“Many fighting game neophytes are intimidated by developing the execution skillset; it’s not as hard as it looks,” Miller says in his article.

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